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As we all know that we all enjoy doing various activities but we don’t tend to enjoy our study and we need to know that there is a science behind it. As we are doing various fun activities our right brain gets activated but when we sit to read and write our left brain gets activated and we don’t enjoy it anymore or loose interest in short period of time. Enjoy Your Study is the course that will help us in our studies by activating our right brain and by helping us understand how our brain works.

Likewise science has made our life more easy and convenient because we use different scientific tools and things in our daily life which make our work more easy and fast, in the same way have we ever thought that there might be scientific techniques and processes to make our study fast, easy and effective ? Enjoy Your Study has perfect answer to this question because it introduces us to the various scientific studying and learning tips, tricks and techniques which will prepare us for smart and fast reading/learning by improving our concentration, long term memory and many more.

After Completion of  this course you will be able to:

  • Understand human brain and its functionality.
  • Identify activities of right and left brain.
  • Activate right brain while studying.
  • Identify the causes of study related problems and its solutions.
  • Adopt Scientifically Proven Study Techniques for better performance.
  • Improve concentration by understanding the concentration formula.
  • Boost your reading and learning speed.
  • Do proper time management for all subjects by setting the priority.
  • Adopt techniques for having long term memory.
  • Read smartly and reduce your studying time.
  • Increase revision speed and learn recalling techniques.
  • Overcome exam phobia.
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Utsav Dhakal

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